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Prepper Gear Essentials to Survive a Disaster

photo of a group of prepper gear

There are many choices for prepper gear out there. It can be overwhelming to know what to purchase. But there are particular areas of prepping that are especially essential. These include food, water, personal hygiene, personal protective equipment, and some unique tools. These are the products that will protect life and prevent illness.

When buying prepper gear and supplies, some people pick to buy a couple of products at a time, often due to budgeting problems. Nevertheless, some individuals can afford to buy everything at once. Whichever way you pick to do it, there are items you ought to concentrate on as your leading concern. From our experience the following list includes the leading prepper gear essentials that anyone must aquire when they initially start prepping.

Survival Food
It doesn’t matter just how bad a disaster unfolds, we must eat to survive. And when things get bad, food won’t always be simple to get. You need to be sure you have enough food on-hand, so you and your household will be well-fed. The following items are essential when it comes to your prepper food and nutrition requirements:

1. Survival Food
You ought to have a minimum of two weeks of suvival food on-hand for emergency situations. Naturally, it’s much better to have a couple of months worth of food stored away. This is the routine food you consume on a daily basis and it’s considered to be your short-term food supply. If an emergency situation event is reasonably short-term, this food should get you through.

photo of emergency food pails2. Long-Term Emergency Food
Aside from your regular food, you should consider your long-term requirements. If the interruption to society is disasterous enough, you may require to have food on-hand to manage for months.

Pails of emergency situation food are the ideal addition to your prepper equipment. These include full meals that can be eaten just by including hot water. And they have a 25-year shelf life, so you can save it and forget it. Another method of long term food storage is making your own freeze dried food. It lasts a very long time and can be sotred at room temps. You can read how to make your own freeze dried food for survival here.

3. Sprouting Seeds
Saved food, even pails of emergency food, mean you will eat well. However you need fresh food which is difficult to get in emergency scenarios. Having sprouting seeds on-hand will allow you to grow sprouts with just a little water. This isn’t about growing a garden– it’s about having fresh greens to consume every day. Examples of the kinds of seeds you can use include mustard seeds, mung beans, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, and lentils.

In just a couple of days from beginning the seeds, you will have fresh green sprouts to supply extra nutrition. Simply be sure to get seeds from your organic food shop. Grocery store seeds have usually been irradiated and will not grow successfully.

4. Planting Seeds
For long-lasting food needs, having a storage of seeds you can plant is critical. After all, you will ultimately run out of the food you have kept. Once the worst has actually passed and you are reconstructing your life, you will be able to start a garden. The best seeds to save include:

photo of vegtables seedlings
This is much more critical than food. You can go as long as three weeks without food, however only 3 days without water. Ensure you have water on-hand and make certain you have a way to cleanse water when you need to make do with what you find outdoors.

5. Bottled Water
One can only live for 3 – days without water. Of all the prepper gear and supplies you plan to buy – this would be the most important. Having bottled water kept away will help relieve the problem when you are getting your footing during tough times. You need to have a minimum of two weeks worth of water stored away, however as much as a couple of months. Again, if the emergency situation is short-term, this will be enough to get you through.

6. WaterBOB
This is the easiest method to store emergency water and is ideal for any type of house. As long as you have warning you will not have or have the ability to use your water, the waterBOB is vital. This is a one-time-use container that holds up to 100 gallons of water. Since we require to keep 1 gallon per individual daily, the waterBOB offers 100 days’ worth of water for one person.This is vital prepper gear to obtain.

The waterBOB is developed to line your tub. You can fill it without the need to sterilize your bathtub. This ensures your water stays clean for as long as 16 weeks. The waterBOB likewise includes a pump to draw out the water for drinking, cooking, and cleansing. And it is affordable at around $30 each.

photo of a set of rain barrels7. Rain Barrel
If you are bugging in over the long-term, you will need a water-collection system of some kind to add to your prepper gear. A rain barrel is the simplest choice. Make sure to have at least a couple of these on your residential or commercial property and you can collect rainwater. Even if you reside in a house with a terrace, you can use a rain barrel to collect water as well. Just do not catch it as runoff from the roof as a lot of roof tiles include chemicals that can infect the water. You can read here on how to use 55 gallon drums for water storage tanks for a long term supply of water.


8. Sawyer Mini Filtration System
The Sawyer Mini Filtration System is ideal for filtering and cleansing any water. It filters 100,000 gallons of water, removing 99.99999% of germs and 99.99999% of protozoa. This makes practically any water safe to drink.

The filter is small, light-weight, and comes with a straw and a drinking pouch. This makes it an ideal addition to your prepper gear for home set or your bug out bag. And the very best part is this filter is really inexpensive at around $30 each.

9. Water Bottles
It is always handy to carry a number of extra water bottles with you. This way, you can bring additional water with you if you have a distance to travel between water sources. Stainless steel or Nalgene water bottles are best.

Individual Hygiene and Safety
Individual health is much more important in emergency scenarios than during daily life. We have numerous benefits at our disposal in our society. Yet lots of people don’t understand the obstacles when those benefits are no longer readily available. Individual health is actually about keeping tidy and preventing unsanitary conditions that can cause illness.Adding a first aid kit to your prepper gear is a must.

10. First Aid Kit
NEVER EVER be without a first aid kit. Even in normal life times, we need to have access to emergency treatment packages to see us through small emergency situations. But in catastrophic situations, even small medical emergencies can develop into a major health risk. In truth, a small cut can be lethal if it gets infected.

You absolutely MUST have a great first aid kit that is accessible no matter where you are. That implies having one in your house bag, your bug out bag, and your automobile. You will find an extensive list of of essential first aid supplies in the “great first aid kit” link above. You will spend a little more, but it is more complete.

photo of a first aid kit in a red bag

11. Oral Hygiene
There are lots of types of hygiene products that keep you tidy and smelling great. Well when it comes to a real survival scenario, who cares how your pits smell. Actually. As long as you have some soap and water, you’re good. However your oral care CAN NOT suffer – and this isn’t because of the threat of foul breath.

Oral care is important, due to the fact that if you end up with cavities, you can really quickly learn how bad dental issues can become. A tooth infection is no laughing matter. It CAN kill. So, make certain you include in your prepper gear –  tooth brushes, floss, and toothpaste/baking soda in your oral hygiene kit.

It is also essential to have clove oil in your oral health kit. Clove oil is an ideal natural treatment for toothaches and abscesses. This is because clove oil is a natural analgesic and antiseptic– thanks to a part of the oil called eugenol. Clove oil likewise numbs the mouth, reduces pain, and fights infection.

12. Poop Bucket/Kitty Litter
When the plumbing goes out, you will quickly recognize going to the bathroom is a big problem. Even a water main break that closes down your water for a few days will prove just how using the toilet becomes a problem.

Having a basic bucket on-hand is ideal. You can line it with a garbage bag and have cat litter right there. Utilizing this, you don’t need to go outside  to “use the bathroom”. Simply do your service and put a scoop of cat litter over it.

Individual Protective Equipment
This is the equipment that will keep you physically safe in any type of circumstance. Having each of these items in your prepper equipment is an absolute must.

13. Firemask
Fires occur at the best of times – when the SHTF, they are much more most likely to take place. You will want to have the Firemask as part of your prepper gear and have it near to you in case of a fire. This is a respiratory device that will protect against smoke inhalation and other toxic gases such as carbon monxide and chemical produced gases.
photo of a firemask

14. NBC Kit
Sometimes, when emergency situations take place and you need to get out of town, the streets will be pure mayhem. In these situations, you do not necessarily understand what you’re up against. Having a military-grade NBC kit is crucial for times like this.

It will secure you from biological, chemical, and nuclear substances and it will help you survive demonstrations and riots. Plus, it quickly straps to your leg, so you can access it at a minute’s notification.

15. Eyes – Ear – Respirtory Protection
You will have to protect all your orifices. Use earplugs to protect against loud noises. Protect your eyes with goggles  from flying particles and hazardous chemicals.  You can use a N95 mask to safeguard you from chemicals and biohazards. These needs  to be accessable in your work bag or home bag.

Important Tools to Include in Your Prepper Gear
Finally, here is a list of distinct and essential tools as part of your prepper gear that can actually mean the difference between life and death. These tools can help you get out of tight situations and help you get what you require when you are on the run.

16. Heat Source
If you live where winter rules half the year, you need to be prepared for a grid-down circumstance throughout the cold months. This means having a safe, reputable heat source. Ideally, you would have a wood range. A fireplace is also a plus.

But if you do not have either of these, then your next alternative is to have a portable propane or kerosene heating system in your prepper gear. And have plenty of extra fuel to go with it. The Mr. Heater is an excellent option. It’s safe for indoor use, but have a battery-powered carbon monoxide detector on-hand, for safety’s sake.

photo of a propane heater

17. Ferro Rod
You need to ALWAYS have at least two methods to light a fire with you at any given time. Having a ferro rod in your prepper gear is especially helpful. The ferro rod can be used repeatedly and is a reliable approach of starting a fire. You then can easily boil water to purify it, cook food with a fire, and keep yourself warm.

18. Flashlight
This may appear standard, however it is so essential. Invest some money to get top quality LED flashlights for your prepper gear. These are safer than candles and also can be utilized in self-defense.

After all, if the light is low and you shine a flashlight in the eyes of an opponent, you will blind them long enough to escape or get the upper hand in a conflict. Simply make sure to have backup batteries.

19. Tarp
A tarpaulin is an important part of your prepper gear and equipment. You can utilize a tarpaulin for numerous things, such as:

A poncho when it’s drizzling
To help hide or hide you
As ground cover
As a camping tent
To cover and safeguard your gear
To capture rain
As a stretcher
As a hammock
To build a raft
Tarps are genuinely important. So, ensure you have at least one in your prepper gear.

20. Leatherman Wave
This is a multi-tool that is a vital part of your prepper gear. The Leatherman Wave features so many tools. These include:

Saw blades
Knife blades
Bottle screw
Wire cutters
Wire stripper
This multi-tool will be handy in many different scenarios. And it can get you out of difficult situations you don’t even know you’ll enter into.

21. Gerber E-Tool
Keep a Gerber E-Tool in your car and truck for all type of emergency situations. This folding spade has a serrated blade. You can utilize it to dig yourself out of a hard spot or chop through ice like a hot knife through butter.

22. 5.11 Rush Backpack
The 5.11 Rush Tactical Backpack is one of the best to get your bug out bag started. This is used by military forces worldwide. It has a lot of room and is available in 3 sizes– 21.2 liters, 34 liters, and 55 liters of storage capability. This pack is rugged and durable and it is created to help you in the organization of your prepper gear.
photo of a tactical backpack

23. Ontario SPAX Tool
The incredible Ontario SPAX tool is a must as part of your prepper gear. You can use to get water from fire hydrants. It also makes it possible to turn off gas mains when an earthquake or other natural disaster is imminent. Plus, it can be utilized to get into buildings and in self-defense.

24. Sillcock Key
This tool might have quickly been noted under the water classification above. If you look at the outdoors’ water  access to industrial and large residential buildings, you will see most of them can just be switched on with a special key – a sillcock secret.

The sillcock key is designed to fit almost any sillcock in usage on business and residential buildings. This makes it possible to gain access to water in metropolitan areas. And even if the water is no longer running, there can still be a great deal of water sitting in the pipes, specifically when it pertains to highrise buildings.

25. Self-Defense Weapon
Ideally, you will never have to use it, however you must have it. A self-defense weapon is a vital part of your prepper gear. Often, just revealing it suffices to hinder people from attack. Undoubtedly, a gun is the best choice. However there are other choices, such as a knife, crossbow arrows, or a stun gun/taser. Whatever you select, make sure you are trained and have plenty of ammo available.

26. SAS Survival Guide
In a great deal of disaster scenerios, the power grid and/or the web will be down. It will be challenging to get the info you require in these circumstances. Your finest alternative is to have hard copies of all the info you might require. You can print out a lot of info from the web or you can get a lot of books, consisting of the SAS Survival Guide.

In conclusion, these are the basic items that you would need to get by during an emergency but, after you acquire these you can move on to find more tools to add to your prepper gear. If you have any suggestions, please share them in the comments section below.

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