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Medicinal Herbs For Your Medical Kit

photo of a bowl of herbs

Medicinal herbs are amongst the most helpful items for preppers so learn how to utilize them and make it through in emergency scenarios.

LIfe Saving Medicinal Herbs

Nature’s Medicines
I rely quite heavily on my medicine cabinet to assist me deal with daily pains. From allergies to sprained ankles, I frequently find myself taking pain medication for relief.

What I failed to recognize is I’m not taking advantage of the best resources readily available to me – mother nature’s medication cabinet. Discover what these excellent medicinal herbs and their uses in certain medical circumstances.

When it comes to surviving, among the primary needs is relieving pain. From headaches to neck and back pain, roughing it can cause a few bumps and bruises and is absolutely not headache free.

What many individuals do not understand is the willow tree is popular for its pain-killing abilities. Use of these herbs go way back to the early Greeks.

One of their leading doctors, Dioscorides, is stated to have utilized willow for discomfort and inflammation. Ever since the willow tree has been utilized to relieve illnesses.

The bark of the willow contains an effective pain reliever called salicin glucoside. Aspirin is a synthetic version of alcoholic salicin, a natural anti-inflammatory, which is found in the willow.

photo of a willow tree that is one of the ways to extract medicinal herbs

Salicin is a kind of alcoholic glucoside, which is utilized to minimize inflammation in the body. And, it can also be found in poplars and willow leaves, which is then utilized as an analgesic, antipyretic, and an anti-inflammatory agent as well.

The synthetic version has some negative side effects such as internal bleeding.

The benefit of using willow over aspirin exists is no potential for hemorrhaging. It’s approximated an individual can lose approximately 2 teaspoons of blood by taking synthetic aspirin.

Some uses of willow are for:

  • arthritis
  • fever
  • headaches
  • swelling
  • calming nerves
  • discomfort / pain management
  • injuries
  • ulcerations

This splendid tree has once again returned as the go-to herb for survivalists to handle small pains and discomforts. It’s a must-have for any bug out bag.

Nevertheless, if you prefer alternative medicines like their artificial equivalents, you can get them over-the-counter.

How to Use Willow Bark:
To accelerate the delivery of the salicin, it can be shewed straight off the tree. However, unless you are a beaver, this may be hard to do. Or, you can suck on the bark permitting transdermal (absorbed through the skin) transfer.

Llikewise, it can be cruched and put into a compress for small wounds. Tea lovers will steep the willow bark in boiling water to ingest it.

Therefore, the next time you find yourself in the woods or in the health-food store, get yourself some willow bark, and eliminate those irritating headaches!

Garlic Oil

photo of a flask of garlic oil

There are many benefits of using garlic as a medicinal herb, it’s tough to skip for my bug out bag. The primary reason I listed it here is for its antibiotic properties.

Having an antibiotic is a need to for survival and garlic is one of nature’s finest. However, if you’re not a fan of this pungent garden plant, then you can change it with echinacea.

Garlic is a natural penicillin, making it the best of the very best. The thiamine helps ear, nose, and throat infections clear up.

In addition, it also has germanium which build up your body’s immune system. Allicin, which is a sulfur-containing enzyme, has a strong smell and destroys fungus.

It’s detoxifies, cleanses the blood, and acts as an anti-viral. Furthermore, It also helps keep your blood pressure down. The suggested daily dose is 5000 mg (garlic oil gel cap). 

Additionally, you can utilize garlic oil internally or externally. However, if you want to utilize it on your skin, I advise you use a small amount of olive oil very first.

The primary survival advantages of garlic:.

  • antibiotic
  • anti-viral
  • anti-fungus
  • deals with infections (internally and externally)
  • eliminate parasites
  • expels worms, including pinworms
  • enhances heart health
  • fend off bugs and mosquitoes

Garlic can solve a large volumn of health problems and is easy to grow. One should keep this in your medical kit for sure.

Cayenne Peppers

photo of a cayenne pepper plant

Do these things come with a kick? You wager they do, however they have many medical purposes, too.

Most people understand about using this powerful medicinal herb for a thermogenesis process used for weight-loss. However, more recent use of cayenne pepper is a medicine for pain relief.

This easy-to-grow plant can increase the action of the heart without increasing blood pressure. It assists with blood flow and has actually  been utilized to prevent cardiovascular disease.

It’s been utilized for stomach ulcers, aching throats, bronchitis, colds, and assists with congestion. However, Cayenne pepper’s most important usage for survival is its ability to stop both internal and external bleeding.

With its adaptability and the capability to quickly dry and shop these peppers, it’s a must-have for your bug out bag. Let’s admit it, in survival mode, you’re probabl going to get a few scratches or wounds, so having a plant that helps control bleeding is important.

How to Use Cayenne:

You can ingest cayenne but take it with food. For external usage, it can be ground up and used in a poultice and applied to wounds to assist stop bleeding.


photo of one of the medicinal herbs - feverfew flowers

In addition to the useful medicinal herbs, this does as its name suggests, its primary use is to lower fever. This type of plant is a good medicinal herb that can alleviate migraine headaches, inflammation in the joints, and sinus pressure.

The active ingredient in this brilliant little flower is parthenolide. Research studies have actually shown parthenolide prevents the release of serotonin, histamines, and numerous other chemicals that trigger swelling in the body.

For female survivalists, it can assist with those severe premenstrual headaches, too!

How to Use Feverfew:

Consume it by chewing the flower or buying it in pill kind. Moreover, be cautious about the quality when purchasing a processed form of this herb.

Valerian Root

photo of one of the medicinal herbs - valerian root flowers

This is among the medicinal herbs I personally utilize frequently. However, I have to say it smells something terrible,  its benefits are worth holding your breath for.

Valerian is nature’s valium, and for a good factor. It has a calming impact on the body by influencing the cerebrospinal system. Its sedative result decreases discomfort and stress and anxiety.

When you’re in survival mode, there will be anxiety involved. Having something to counter it is a no-brainer!

Likewise,this herb slows the heart rate while increasing the strength of each beat. It’s used to decrease muscle spasm, which is very practical when you’re on the run! You’ll certainly discover this valuable herb in my bug out bag.

Watch this video on the many uses of a willow tree:

Being prepared for as many possibilities as you can is what survival is all about. When disaster strikes, among the first things people will loot are medicine and prescription drugs.

Those who are educated about nature’s medicines might have a much better chance of making it through the experience. Therefore, begin finding out about making uses of medicinal plants today and know which tree, plant, or even weed will conserve your life!

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