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Medical Uses Of Honey

photo of a bowl of honey to illustrate one of the medical uses for honey

Honey is among mother nature’s greatest gifts and tastes great. Also there are a lot of nutritional and medical uses of honey. This is a vital item to contribute to your city survival cache. But it is more urgent that you begin stocking up on honey now prior to other food products. Over the past several years the honeybee populace has actually gone down as much as 70 percent and the cost of honey gets on the increase. Researchers still don’t know why this is taking place, however it is likely because of a number of aspects such as the increasing number of contaminants in our atmosphere, particularly chemicals.

Whatever the reason, it is fairly possible that honeybees might come to be extinct this century. The bright side is that there is still a lot of honey available for purchase because it lasts for life. Excavators have uncovered containers of honey in ancient Egyptian burial places, and also it is still edible! They were quite aware of the medical uses of honey.

As with the majority of food, raw is better than refined. A lot of honey located in grocery stores has been heated up and also filtered so it looks clean and clear. Unfortunately, when honey is heated it loses much of its nutritional worth, so plan to stock up on raw honey.. You will be able to tell if it’s raw from the little items of pollen and  honeycomb, or by simply checking the tag. Honey will crystallize into a thick, butter-like uniformity after a couple of months. However, all you need to do is warm it up with a little water to rehydrate it. Better yet, purchase some Tupelo honey – it never crystallizes.

Just what’s so terrific about honey?

Honey is one of the very best  you can eat; the checklist of health benefits appears countless. Here are the many medical uses of honey:

1. It increases power – The sugar in honey gives you a prompt energy increase, while the fructose keeps your energy level high for longer. As opposed to coffee in the early morning, try some honey on toasted bread or try it in tea. And rather than a power beverage before an exercise, eat a spoonful of honey and drink a glass of water. It functions just as well and it’s much healthier.

2. It accumulates the immune system – Honey teems with anti-oxidants and also has lots of anti-bacterial properties. In The Honey Revolution by Dr. Ron Fessenden, there is some info concerning honey’s ability to help avoid cancer and also tumors.

3. It’s great for cuts as well as burns – When put on wounds, honey can keep them clean and free of infections, decrease discomfort as well as swelling, and help them recover quicker. Manuka honey is believed to be the most effective sort of honey for this.

4. It helps sore throats as well as coughs – Honey is excellent for the walls of the throat and its antimicrobial effects. This will help to eliminate the bacteria creating the infection. And also researches who have studied the medical uses of honey found that it helps couging. It is as effective for nighttime coughing as medications like NyQuil.

5. It can reduce allergic reactions – Honey helps you to build up a resistance to regional plant pollens.

6. It could help with sleeping disorders – Mix a tsp of honey with a glass of warm milk before you go to sleep.

7. It helps with weight management – Although honey has more calories than sugar, it could aid your body to burn the fat accumilated in your body, specifically when taken with a glass of warm water and lemon juice. Another technique is to steam it in water and cinnamon powder first thing in the early morning.

8. It’s great for those with high cholesterol or Type 2 diabetes – In a series of experiments, researchers have revealed that one of the medical uses of honey – all-natural, taken daily, could lower cholesterol and triggers reduced blood sugar levels as compared to refined sugars.

9. It’s excellent for the skin – Consuming milk and honey every morning could help decrease creases and also keep your skin smooth healthier.

10. It reduces hangovers  – It’s better if you do not drink so much that you have a hangover, but it can happen to some of us. Honey can help with the liver oxidate alcohol faster and it is gentle on the stomache.

11. It goes fantastic with cinnamon – I could create another checklist about the medical use of honey combined with cinnamon. This mix is good for arthritis, hair loss, toothaches, indigestions as well as even more.

12. It tastes excellent! – There are a lot more advantages compared to the ones provided here, however you get the idea. So when stockpiling on food to prepare for whatever urban survival scenario may come, stop for a moment and also consider your wellness. Consuming MRE’s and also canned foods during a disaster won’t benefit your body, but consuming honey everyday could make up for that. And keep in mind, it lasts for life so get all you can while it’s still inexpensive.

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