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Long Term Food Storage Methods

photo of a group of long term food storage items

To be ready for any kind of disaster, long term food storage should be among your top priorities. We can go three weeks without food, but after three days, our physical and mental abilities will be seriously diminished.

We invest far more on food each year than we do on electrical power, fuel, and clothes. Therefore, food storage is going to be a big part of your budget for prepping. A steady supply of food helps maintain your health and gives you peace of mind. If there is nothing to consume, it’s all you and your family are going to think about.

During the event of a disaster, the grocery stores may run out of food quickly, or you might just wish to avoid them entirely. You would wish to avoid them due to the fact that everyone and their siblings will be rummaging the shelves. It would be like Black Friday, except for wanting food instead of merchandise.

Depending on your scenario, there are several alternatives for long term food storage. If you are simply getting started, I suggest filling your kitchen with shelf life foods. Long term prepackaged food is fantastic if you do not have the time for stock and rotation. It’s also an easy method to stock up your food storage really quickly.

Here are a few concepts to increase your food storage. Our recommendation is that you have a few different ways, and not using just one type. This can be done gradually. By investing a few dollars at the supermarket, or saving up for some long-term food, you will have a great food storage stockpile in no time at all.

This is the food your household eats regularly. There are quite a few options when it concerns pantry foods.

Canned Foods: By utilizing canned food, you can get a good supply of fruits and vegetables. In addition you can also stock soups, meat, beans, sauces and components for homemade meals.

Non Refrigerated Foods: For long term food storage, remember to get foods that won’t need refrigeration. In most disaster circumstances we will lack electrical energy, and the coldness inside the fridge will only last so long.

Boxed Meals: Boxed meals like Homestyle Bakes, mac and cheese, and hamburger Helper are a convienant and quick meal. If do not have hamburger, you can use canned beef, tuna, and chicken.

Noodles: Spaghetti and macaroni are a good choice for lasting a long time in storage. With a jar of spaghetti sauce and some noodles your family can have a tastey meal they will enjoy.

Drinks: You will get tired of just plain water so ensure you have some flavoring for it. Powdered drink mixes like Kool-Aid and Tang are great for a little change. You might likewise desire some powdered milk for breakfast.

Essentials: Storing products to make homemade bread is a terrific idea, however only if you know how to make bread. Knowing how to cook is a great skill to have, and will expand your food storage alternatives.

Spices: Regardless of what kind of food you’re consuming in a grid down situation, your going to desire spices. You probably like salt and pepper on practically everything, so keep quite a lot on hand. Salt is also essential for a number of health factors.

There are several choices when it comes to prepackaged long term food, and also a couple of reasons it may or may not work for you.

Complete Meals: Some prepackaged foods like Legacy and Mountain House are complete meals and are an excellent choice for long term food storage. All you do is add water and you have dinner. They have a shelf life of up to 25 years. Learn more about these types of emergency fear and food

Main ingredients: Some come in packets of powdered milk, beans, flour, and so on. These come in handy when you learn how to prepare them.

Easy Storage: These prepackaged foods come in buckets making them easy for long storage. You could have a few months of gorceries stored in a small closet.

Long Shelf Life: Another great advantage to long term food is that they have a long shelf life from 5 to 25 years. This implies less stress over food spoiling.

More Expensive: Prepackaged foods are more pricey than pantry foods or DIY food storage. However they are much easier to prepare, the only work required is clicking the buy now button.

When done right, making your own long term food storage is a lot cheaper. However, if you don’t know what you’re doing, you could just be throwing it away.

More Work: These need more effort to work with than the prepackaged long term food, but will only cost you about half. When choosing in between packaged and DIY you should ask yourself “what do I have more of, time or cash?”

Pails: You hear quite a bit about DIY food storage pails due to the fact that it’s a fantastic method to save flour, beans, and grain in large amounts for a long period of time.

Dehydrating: You can dehydrate and freeze dry fruits and meats to extend their shelf life, but the equipment can be a little costly. 

Vacuum Sealing: This is a great way of using up the shelf life of food that currently has a longer shelf life. Store purchased spaghetti isn’t packaged to totally eliminate air, however vacuum sealing would. Vacuum sealing vitamins and all other items would be suggested..

Canning: Learning how to can at home is possibly the very best technique of DIY food storage, however make certain you learn how correctly. There are some dangers to improperly canning food, however if done correctly, there are few restrictions to what you can do.

When I state, “food on the go” this a partial meal you prepare for the family. Here are a few products to think about for long term food storage.

High Calories: When it concerns on the go food their main purpose is to be high in calories. This is basically emergency situation food for when your other options are not available.

Lightweight: Because you might be backpacking this food it requires to be as light as possible. This way, you will be getting as many calories as possible.

Bug Out Food: This is the food I consider “bug out food”. This is stuff that you keep in your bag, your cars and truck, or perhaps at work. This food takes no preparation and needs to withstand temperatures since it will not be stored at home.

Meals For Camping: Mountain House makes some fantastic outdoor camping meals that even the household will enjoy.  Test out a few of the entres before you buy a bulk amount to make sure you like it.

Ration Bars: There are several different kinds of provision bars out there, and none are all that fantastic. But they have a long shelf life, endure temperature modifications, and are packed with calories.

Path Mix: Items like path mix, granola bars and peanuts are fantastic due to the fact that they typically taste great, are easy to store, and have plenty of calories.

MRE’s: Military rations are not very high on my list because of a number of factors. While they taste ok, they are a little large, and a little pricey.

Best Freeze Dried Foods

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