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How to Make Your Own Freeze Dried Food For Survival

A tray of fruit for freeze drying

Learning how to make freeze dried food is something that’s appealing.

It does not come as a surprise to us, due to the fact that numerous preppers are currently uncovering the “long forgotten” art of making their own freeze dried food at home.

In truth, freeze drying has remained in consistent business usage for generations. creating it in your house is simple, with or without a special equipment.

When you freeze completely dry food, the moisture and dampness are eliminated. It’s a whole lot like drying out food on drying racks, yet you’re likewise including the cold process.

Freeze drying out food serves in circumstances like long outdoor camping trips, or long-term food storage space for an emergency or calamity.

What You Should Know
First, you need to understand the distinction between air drying and freeze drying. This video clip reveals a good contrast in between both:

Freeze drying food is the procedure of drawing the moisture from food while making it very cold, the freezing point of water. Without doing BOTH of these procedures, your efforts will be wasting your time as well as the food will be ruined.

Freeze drying is essentially like making use of an air drying shelf within a deep fridge freezer, actually that’s precisely just what you can do if you want.

High water material foods are less complicated to work with. These include veggies and fruits such as peppers, carrots, potatoes, apples, berries, pears, and so on. The shape of the food stays the same; just its water content is removed. Leafy eco-friendlies are much more finicky and also vulnerable to wilting as well as a lot of various other issues.

People freeze dry meat, grains, as well. Yet it’s better to start with simple and easy to freeze dry foods like vegetables and fruits. Once you discover how you can do that easily, you could attempt more difficult freeze dry foods.

As soon as most foods are freeze dried they can be stored at or below room temps, you do not have to keep them frozen.

The Best Ways To Make Freeze DrIED Food Without A Machine– 2 Methods
Freeze dried food is not a complex process, it’s fairly basic really. Some people opt to do this with the help of vacuum sealers, and if you can get one I strongly suggest doing so. They draw out the majority of the moisture, which is extremely important.

However many people freeze dry food without a device, and also there are 2 ways to do that.

1.Using The Freezer Technique
animated photo of a freezer with a tray of food being placed into

The most convenient way to make freeze dried food is the one that also takes the most time. All you have to do is put your food in little peices on a tray such as a cookie sheet, or an air cooling rack or air drying rack and simply put it in your freezer. A deep freezer is an ideal place with all the room it has.

The food starts to freeze in just a few hours, yet the drying procedure takes weeks. This procedure is called sublimation. This is exactly what divides freeze drying from just freezing food inside of sealed bags or containers like we’re all used to doing.

The best means to see if the food is done drying out is to remove a small sample item and let it come to room temp. If the food turns dark or black, it implies the drying process is still not over. Frozen food that does not alter shade has been freeze dried completely. It’s even more of an art than anything.

As soon as that has been accomplished, you could go ahead and store the freeze dried food in ziplock bags. Freeze dried food should be kept in storage that stays under 75 degrees.

2. Using Dry Ice To Make Freeze Dried Food

photo of a chest of dry ice with food inside

You could make freeze dried food with dry ice as well. Dry ice lets all the moisture from your food evaporate swiftly, so the whole procedure is much quicker. Pick a day when the humitidy is low as well, don’t attempt this technique when it’s wet out as the moisture will certainly make it much harder.

You will require a pair of insulated gloves and a large container, nearly two times the size of the food that you wish to freeze dry. Entirely cover the food with dry ice and load the container, use a ratio of 1:1 weight (eg. 1lb of food to 1lb of dry ice). DO NOT SEAL THE CONTAINER … it will certainly blow up.

Dry ice gives off a large quantity of gas as it vaporizes and it has to have the ability to run away. You could  put the lid on loosly, or drill openings in the cover, but do not secure it. I simply leave the lid up.

When you can see no more dry ice left in the container, you recognize that the procedure is completed. This usually takes about 24 hrs.

Your container is currently packed with carbon dioxide and also free of humidity. Do not take the food out until it is ready to be placed in bags. Use ziplock plastic bags to keep the currently freeze dried food, but make certain you draw the air out as best you can to avoid dampness development. Lots of people go with vacuum packing tools or makers for far better outcomes, and also I highly advise you to use them.

The goal is to guarantee that no wetness is left or enters inside the plastic bag after the process is completed. You need to secure it effectively if you do not desire your efforts and your food to go to waste.

How To Freeze Dry Food With A Machine
Your typical home usage freeze drying maker runs between $2,500– $4,000, so it’s reasonable to presume most individuals will certainly not have one just laying around. However if you’re fortunate enough to have one the entire process could not be any easier.

Review your user’s manual for the best results, but for most machines it works something similar to this:

1. Place the food that you wish to freeze completely dry on trays.

2. Put the trays in your maker and just turn it on. Yep, they actually make it that easy.

Here is a video on how to make freeze dried food using a machine:

Final Thoughts
You should weigh your options when it comes to making freeze dried food. If you’re a serious prepper, food will undoubtedly be high on your list, however it may not be worth the effort and cost to you to freeze dry in the house.

Often it’s less complicated to buy it by the bucket prepared to go than use up freezer space for a month or invest $4,000 on a maker that could only do one thing.

If you’re prepping for a team or a big family I recommend taking into consideration a freeze dryer machine. If it’s just you and your mate, try it at home without a machine and see what you think, in the long run it may not be worth it

So what do you think? Have you ever used any of the methods discussed to make your own freeze dried food at home?

Please don’t hesitate to share your experiences with us right here. We would love to know just what works best for you. You could drop in your comments below.

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