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Best Freeze Dried Food For Survival Food Kits

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I have spent a lot of time researching what would be the best freeze dried food for survival to choose from. After gone through the options these companies provide like –  taste, budget, how long the shelf life, and the best selection of meals, I came to a conclusion what I think would be the best for survival food kits.

Freeze dried foods are the excellent choice for survival food kits or outdoor activities. Not just are they light to pack, loaded with nutrients and definitely delicious, but in addition most of them have a life span greater than a couple of years.

Most survival food kits, whether they are quick bug out remedies for 72 hours, or for long-term remedies in below ground bunker scenarios, constantly make use of freeze-dried foods as a backup to feed survivors.

Military and relief agencies use freeze dried foods as a solution to feed soldiers or the mass victims in cases of natural catastrophes. They’re a source that does not have to be prepared and also are packaged in a manner where they can be easily delivered to feed mass quantities of people.
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But the main objective is this, if you are bugging out in a storm sanctuary, or on the roof of our home surrounded by floodwaters, that you are going to have high quality food available. so let’s take a look at the very best freeze dried food for survival that last a long time and is available online.

Best Freeze Dried Foods

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photo of augason farms 30 day supply bucketAugason Farms 30-Day Emergency Food Storage Supplyphoto of rating stars
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Exactly What is Freeze Dried Food?

Freeze dried food is becoming extremely popular for survival food kits, and the benefits of emergency food storage drive the sector to keep supplying it.

So just how is it done?

Fresh foods, or just recently cooked foods are put in an unique food dryer where they freeze at extraordinary temperature levels (about -40 degrees Fahrenheit). This is a snap freeze technique so the food is frozen rapidly.

The 2nd process is where the freeze dryer develops a vacuum around the food and when the food slightly warms up the ice evaporates leaving the food in a icy state – free of any moisture.

The food is then stored in moisture proof bags to protect it. Typically, an oxygen absorber is additionally used in the bag to make certain that no oxygen reaches the food.

The whole process suspends the food up until water is added to it, which then basically brings the food back to life offering it that fresh taste, look, as well as odor as if it had just been cookedLearn more here about freeze dryng your own food.

The Difference Between Freeze Dried Food and MRE’s

What was initially created for astronauts, to ensure that they had long-lasting foods in their space travels, freeze dried out foods are now popular for military, hikers, campers, survivalists, as well as preppers. As well as there’s a lot more to choose from than the early days of freeze dried out food preservation.

The major distinction between normal food as well as freeze dried food is the lack of water. When you freeze dry food, you are getting rid of nearly all of its water content via the dissipation method we discussed above. Removing the water removes the possibility of the food ruining while still maintaining the same appearance, taste and also scent.

It is advised to consume water with freeze dried foods, as their lack of water suggests that you will be quite parched as your body hydrates the food for you. Freeze dried foods are generally made to add hot water to them to rehydrate them. But it is still advisable to drink plenty of water when consuming them.

Nutritionally, there is little distinction between foods that haven’t been freeze dried and foods that have. Researchers have found that freeze dried foods which contain veggies or fruits have a slight reduced amount of vitamins. Freeze dried foods calorie and thickness are increased because they are missing water.

Another Emergency Food Supply Source

How to make Pemmican:

This is crazy simple to make, and was a staple food for Native Americans. It shops well and includes adequate nutrients that you can successfully live off it for a long time. It’s also easy to pack and does not require refrigeration, which is why it was a staple for nomadic people or for hunters.

Traditional pemmican has three primary parts: fat, lean dried meat, and dried fruit. That’s it. Include some taste, nutrition, and texture by adding honey and nuts.


Don’t use pork or bear for this recipe due to high fat material of the meat. Utilize any other lean meat, consisting of beef, venison, caribou, or moose. Here’s how to make it.

Active ingredients:

  • 2 cups dried crushed meat
  • 2 cups dried crushed berries or dates
  • 1 cup melted fat
  • 1/2 cup crushed nuts
  • 1/4 cup honey

How to Prepare:

Cut all of the fat off the meat, then dry in a dehydrator till it cracks and breaks. If it is bendable, there’s still too much wetness in it. Do the same thing with the berries. Render the fat into a liquid type and squash your nuts. You can grind them if you desire, or leave them a bit chunky to include texture.

Crush the meat and berries into a fine powder. Using your blender or food processor will work the best. But if you’re making it without power, just grind them with a pestle. To get the meat as carefully ground as you can,use the pestle, hammer, or even your fingers if the meat is a challenge.

Include enough fat to the meat and berries (and the nuts if you’re utilizing them) to make it stick together; no more. Add enough honey so that it’s sweetened but not overly sticky.

You can roll it out and cut it into bars. Or do it as the Native Americans did and roll it into balls. Store in a bag in a cool, dry location.

Watch this video below to learn more how to make Pemmican

For many other survival secrets and recipes that helped our ancestors survive – check out this survival book “The Lost Ways”. Click here to learn more.

In Conclusion

Canning is an effective way to create long-lasting food with the crops you may enjoy in your garden. But freeze dried foods are a delight to those trying to find light a choice that can be prepared quickly.

Both freeze dried foods and MREs are easy to carry, portable, and are extremely long-lasting. They are an excellent option for outdoor camping food, treking meals, bug out foods, or survival food.  You can give them try because they are fairly priced.

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