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How to Use 55 Gallon Drums For Water Storage Tanks

photo of a stack of 6 - 55 gallon barrells on a wooden rack

When I first started prepping, I understood I should keep a lot of water, but I really did not realize what does it cost?. Every single time I shopped, I would get a case of 32 half-liter water bottles. I did this for a couple months,When I had a sufficient water a supply,I quit purchasing more.But I was so wrong.

Later on that year, I decided to check out the food supply in my kitchen to see how long our food would really last. Although it ended up I had three month’s worth, which is respectable, I didn’t have nearly as much water.

I thought I had a great deal of water, however when I did the mathematics, it ended up I only had 34 gallons. And since you’re supposed to keep a gallon of water per person per day, that indicated the water would only last my spouse and  I a little over two weeks, way short of the three months worth of food I had.

I thought to myself, “What’s the point of having all this food if we pass away of thirst?” That’s the day I realized the relevance of having an excellent water storage space system. Although now I live someplace with a reliable source of water, I still have some 55-gallon drums to use as water storage tanks.

If you’ve ever considered stockpiling an adequate water to last a few mnonths to years – this video by City Prepping tells you how to do it. He covers:

  • Where to obtain 55 gallon drums
  • Exactly what you’ll need to save them
  • How to decontaminate and clean them
  • Ways to effectively fill them up
  • Ways to store them the right way
  • how to siphon water from them

Watch the video posted below for more information:

photo of a plastic 55 gallon drum

55 Gal Plastic Drum – Open-Top, Lever Lock Ring, w/Plain Lid
Check them out here for good prices

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